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Strange dream.... started that I was at Kris and Becky's house with Jarvis, R.J. and Paul (which is funny in itself, since we didn't have board game night last night) and derylykt showed up...

...the next thing we all know, he was packing us all up into a van with his wife, Stephanie. He hopped into the driver's seat and drove us out to this weird abandoned cityscape (I guess supposedly on the edge of town). When we got there, it was below us...we had to climb down a rope ladder from the top of a cliff. There were buildings and facades that were about three stories tall or more. When we got to the bottom of the cliff and into the cityscape (which kind of reminded me of a more metropolitan version of the set of "The Andy Griffith Show", which was used for the "Miri" and "City on the Edge of Forever" episodes of "Star Trek", Brett suddenly pulled out all this equipment, strapped us into helmets and chestplates, handed us all laser guns and sent us into the cityscape to play laser one team. Inside the city, we were surprised to find other friends...including Sarah from the movie theatre, Richard Curcio and various other people we all know...

...very cool.
Tags: dream_log, friends/brett, friends/jarvis, friends/kris_and_becky's

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